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>  Engineering & Specifications

Have a concept but don’t have a drawing or print ready? No problem, we can help you work with our supply partners to define the final technical requirements and find the right magnet material to suit your needs.

>  Tooling: Mold & Special Magnetizing Fixture

Our manufacturing partners are fully capable of producing molds and tooling necessary to start producing your product at large quantities. Including magnetizing fixtures.

>  OEM Quantities & Just-In-Time Delivery

Once samples are tested and qualified, we can start scheduling orders to arrive by the time you request them. Most of our customers rely on us to provide just-in-time service for their production needs. Whether you require 10,000 or 2,000,000 units of your product, we have many small to large scale supply partners to help you reach your production goals.

>  Competitive Pricing

Given our long standing relationships with some of the largest magnet and assembly manufactures in China, we’re able to offer some of the best pricing available. We firmly believe in win-win strategy where we work with you to agree to a price that works to the benefit of both parties.