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NdFeb Magnets


Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets are state-of-the-art group of magnetic materials developed in the 1980’s, with magnetic characteristics far exceeding those of the Alnico and Ceramic/Ferrite types. They are alloys of the Rare Earth group of element (the Lanthanides), neodymium. The composition is Nd2Fe14B.

Offering the highest energy products ever available in production permanent magnet materials, NdFeB has been widely used in high performance stepper, DC, servo, and linear motors, actuators, loudspeakers, headphones, instrumentation, switches, relays, magnetic imaging for medical and geophysical applications, holding systems, magnetic bearings, magnetic couplings, hard disk drives, etc.


NdFeb Magnets
Assorted NdFeb Magnets


Many weight and size sensitive motor designs are taking advantage of NdFeB materials to meet critical performance demands. Offering both high flux density and high coercivity, it is well suited for many demanding industrial and aerospace motor applications.

NdFeB is being used to produce high performance magnetic separators and mag rolls for the material handling industry. Offering high flux levers never obtained previously in a package this small, NdFeB is helping separator producers find ways to remove even the smallest contamination particles from a wide variety of products including cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals.

Systems International Group supplies a variety of Sintered NdFeB magnets and Bonded NdFeB magnets. We have a variety of grade offerings to choose from including high Hci, high working temperature versions.


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